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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It was a negative start to the new year as the Dow lost 220 points. Volume was light and the advance/declines were negative. However the advance/declines were not nearly as negative as a down 200 market would imply. We are oversold. I'm thinking that the OEX calls should have been bought today but I couldn't do it. The market is acting strange again and I don't know why. Employment report on Friday. We are due for some type of bounce. Indecision is not a good thing in trading. Gold had a stellar day up over $20. The XAU was up an astounding 11 points. Fear is driving money into gold. ABX was up 4 and NEM up 3 1/2 on extremely heavy volume. Money is flocking to gold. Obviously I should be in it and I'm not. I don't feel good about that. I might chase it here, even with todays action. We'll see. GE lost about a 1/4 on average volume which really was pretty good considering the overall market. Earnings a week from Friday. Will I attempt another trade there? Hopefully not. Mentally I feel OK, slept well enough. Somewhat disappointed with todays mental make-up but that's to be expected with such lousy trading results lately. I suppose I could say the same thing that I said at the end of the year. Weakness tomorrow should be bought. The summation index will be turning down today but it has been in a congestion zone. So there are crosscurrents to be worked out. I think following the money into gold might be a better play. But I'm not sure. I'll look at the charts tonight and take it from there...

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