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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We got the rally today with the Dow gaining 133 points. The advance/declines were positive and the volume was average. We were up over 200 at one point. The last hour we collapsed and then came back in the final 15 minutes. So it wasn't exactly a convincing rally. I was expecting weakness and that would have set up a good OEX call trade. Instead we've got todays action to work with. 3 days before expiration. If we pull back in the next day or so it might set up for an OEX trade. But it won't be easy. Still, I might give it a try but the risk may not be worth it. Gold got hammered today, off over $15. The XAU shed 5 1/2. ABX down 1 3/4 and NEM lost 2 1/4 on average volume. The gold shares were up briefly in the first 5 minutes of trading. When the market continued higher and the gold shares started to drop I was lucky enough to dump the ABX calls for a small profit. That was a trade I probably should of been out of yesterday. But it's easy to look back. HL was up pretty good again in the beginning of the day but closed down. I don't think the earnings will help now. INTC gained 1/4 but the volume is still light there. However perhaps the sellers are gone for now. GE was up 1/3 on light volume, was higher earlier. Mentally I'm a bit disappointed. I should have made more in the ABX trade but you do what you think is right at the time. What really was troubling was while watching that trade it took my attention away from the set up in the OEX. But what can you do? You gotta move on. I don't have any solid deas at the moment with the exception of a very short term OEX trade. We'll see.

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